Chicago sofa by Lammhults

Some people find this chair sensual. Probably because of those undulating curves. But when you sink into it you don’t notice much of them. Instead you’re struck by what a pleasantly cool easy chair it is, with the recesses functioning as air ducts. My main aim was to experiment with the expression of backrest and seat. I did as I usually do, drew a sketch first and trotted off to the upholstery workshop. “Is it even remotely possible to make this?“ Because everything depends on the curves being distinct, if they were to flop then it would all look terrible. And in the workshop they came with their usual confident response: “We’ll give it a try.“ A friend of mine calls Chicago the “cigarette case“.

overall dimension
1640 mm
880 mm
730 mm

Seat dimensions
Height of seat
430 mm
Depth of seat
500 mm

41 kg

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