Jean sofa by B&B Italia

The Jean upholstery sofas are the outcome of a project that centred on ergonomics and comfort. These qualities are achieved by a higher seating position with narrower depth, in a compact size (two lengths 225 cm and 160 cm - and one depth of 95 cm) and just the right proportions between armrests, seat cushions and backrest. The frame and feet are available in bright brushed aluminium or painted in four colours: chalk white, deserto, grey acciaio or prugna and offer the option of creating a personalised chromatic scheme, allowing for harmonious or contrasting counterparts with the upholstery. The corresponding armchair is innovative in its own right and not simply a resizing of the sofa elements. The armchair changes shape completely, with a more tilted posture and completely different armrests. Two ottomans complete the series, one can be used as a footrest and the other as a coffee table.

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