SE07 office chair by Spectrum

The upholstered best office chair SE 07 was designed by Martin Visser in 1960 and can be delivered in any fabric required. From 2003 on the seat and the back of the SE 07 are produced in the original measurements again. This means that seat and back are 2 cm. smaller than the chairs made between 1988 and 2003.
Nowadays (since the end of the nineties) all dining chairs from Martin Visser, designed around 1960, have a different seat height compared to the original design. In general the average length of people is taller than 45 years ago, which made it ergonomically unjustified to maintain the old seat height. The frame is raised with 3 cm, which makes it 48 cm. high at the front part of the frame (including upholstery).
In the same range also a version with natural rattan (SE 05), saddle leather (SE 06), and plywood seat and back, finished with oak veneer (SE 08) is available.
The frames are made of matt chrome-plated metal.

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