Fat sofa by B&B Italia

In the beginning there was Fat-Fat a multifunctional element that doubled as a table/container, from which first the Fat-Fat coffee tables and then the Fat-Fat bed developed. Now these same round, soft and sinuous shapes are repeated in a seating system which includes different typologies: from the linear sofa to the terminal elements, from the armchair with back in two heights, to the chaise longue and to the new ottomans. “A welcoming, protective island. Pleasant to the touch, solid reassuring, without sharp edges, sensual” is how Patricia Urquiola describes her work, aimed at identifying new perceptions of domestic objects in a language which is intentionally “in contrast with the orthagonal nature of work and the urban network”. Fat designer sofa can be upholstered in fabric or leather and is available in a double-colour version or mixing leather and fabric, where the horizontal and vertical surfaces dialogue with each other through nuances of shade or in stronger contrasts.
overall dimension
2100 - 2300 mm
720 mm
1060 mm
Seat dimensions
Height of seat
400 mm

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